Ants live in colonies. Therefore, they have their own tasks. Some of them hunt for food, some build their nest, and some gather up to be a soldier for their queen. Their queen produce as much of their as possible to help build the colony.

Here are some interesting facts about them.

10 facts about Ants

  1. They are strong, believe it or not. Because they are small, they can carry more weight than their own. That is why they can lift food from one place to another.
  2. Ants have no lungs. Because they are small, they have no room for lungs. But they do have holes located at the side of their bodies which enables them to breathe.
  3. Ants don’t have ears. They use vibrations to detect danger or sound when gathering for food. This enable them to sense if they are in great danger.
  4. You can see them everywhere. For every 1 human, there is a million ants except in the Antarctica, and the Arctic area.
  5. Some of them are asexual. Instead of going through a traditional reproduction, the queen copies herself and then produce more female kind. This results to fewer male ants in the colony.
  6. Ants are natural farmers. Yes, you read it right. Like humans, they are farmers that farm other creatures or things for food.
  7. They have 2 stomachs. Not because of greed, but this has been efficiently helping the colony to thrive. One stomach is for their own food and the other is to feed others. The ones that are usually fed are the ones that guard the queen or those who are left behind.
  8. Some of them can swim. This is a survival skill that they are lucky to have.
  9. They slave others. Not all species, but some do. They invade other colonies, mostly close relatives, and make them slaves. Having said that, they make others look for food for them.
  10. Ants are ancient. Like the beetles, they are as old as the time of the dinosaurs. They have lived for at least 130 million years ago.

Preventing Ants

As it is interesting to know facts about this pest, it is very annoying to have them around our house. Nobody likes having these pests in their home or business. There are many kinds you could be having. That is why Encinitas Pest Terminator is here to the rescue.ants

We have dealt some of them in the past like sugar ants; which is a well-known pest in the Encinitas area.

Most ants are harmless. However, they are irritating and annoying because they are tiny and typically appear in big numbers as opposed to just a solitary one. This simply increases the inconvenience of homeowners and store products only work to an extent. If you’d like a comprehensive, efficient resolution, you need to call up our Encinitas professionals.

We will be glad to assist you and discuss with you effective treatments and provide a 100% solution to your ant problem. Call us now!

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