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Ever encounter a rat in your homes? Did they leave you with the feeling of disgust? Surely, you have looked up online DIY remedies to deal with this kind of pest.

Getting rid of it yourself is OK because you’ll end up being knowledgeable about rat traps, proper disposing method, plus it can be a great workout. Rats run and hide fast, especially when they sense danger.

But killing one of these, is an indication that there are many of their kind living with you or nearby. That is where we come in.

As a pest exterminator, our goal is to make people understand the importance of knowing this pest in that way you’ll know how serious it is to have them around.

All about Rats

In Encinitas, California, these pests are not that uncommon. Rats are known to be damage-bearer. You’ll know you have one if you see teeth or gnaw marks on your food packaging. Wires and woods are also not safe from their sharp teeth.

Did you know that the cause of most fire emergency are wires that have been chewed by rats?


They are known to be sexually mature at about 4 to 5 weeks of age. The gestation period is 21 to 23 days and pregnancy can be detected at 2 weeks. In this period, female rats tend to make a nest filling it with all their needs.

After birth, female kind tend to be sensitive for 7 days. They could also be pregnant easily while feeding their young.

Most times, in an unhealthy environment, rats eat off their young due to the following reasons: to survive, keep their housing from being crowded, if pups are producing so much noise and if sick. Disgusting, right?


Rats usually live inside walls, basements or attics. They look for warm and easy access to food, that is why we mostly see and catch them in the kitchen or dining area. Some live underground and in sewers, where there is enough moist.

It depends on the type of rat, so you can’t be sure of the places that they will be hiding because some can easily adapt.


They feed on grains, seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Sometimes they eat little insects or smaller animals. IN households, they prefer to roam around and find sealed food. Because of their strong teeth, they can easily poke through the food packaging.

How to get rid of rats permanently?

You can’t. Yes, looking it up online can give you hundreds of ideas and can show you materials that you may need but in reality, you’ll never know if it is effective. Handling or disposing rats is a very serious job.

That is why, hiring a pest terminator is the way to go.

Before dealing with these kinds of pests, we will have to inspect the area to make sure we know what we will be dealing with. Afterwards, we will recommend the best and suitable method to get rid of these permanently. We also offer monthly, quarterly, and annually monitoring of the area so that you can be sure that these will not step foot in your house.

We’ll help you identify exactly what it may possibly be. It’s just fine if you don’t acknowledge what type of rat is at your house; we intend to help you uncover that when we come to take a look at your issue. You can just phone us now to get more information about our rat control solutions.

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