Spiders are not entirely dangerous per se. Most of these eight-legged creatures acts as a helper in one’s home. They trap bugs by attracting them using their beautiful web. These now become their source of food.

But some of the spiders, like the one that bit spider-man in the movie, are venomous. Black widow and brown recluse, to name a few.

To fully eradicate these pests, venomous or friendly, we must know how to target them and where they come from.

Spiders in Encinitas, California

Spiders are very common in all parts of the world. It is seen mostly on walls, ceiling corners, and on every edge of most things, like wall clocks, picture frames, and curtain rods.

Recently, there has been many reports about serious spider invasion in Encinitas area. And many residents has turned to Google to get DIY ideas to prevent spider infestation.

Do spiders bite?

yellow spider on web

Unfortunately, some spiders bite. But most of them are not harmful to human.

Common result of their bite is allergic reaction, itchiness and swelling or redness of the skin. Some may not know they have been bitten and might not be critical for more than an hour.

Types of Venomous Spiders

  • Black Widow Spider
  • Brown Recluse Spider

Black Widow Spider

The body of a black widow is a polished black featuring a distinctive red hourglass. They are about half an inch long. Also, they tend to nest on quiet, out-of-the-way places like closets, sheds, garages, and woodpiles, places where we rarely clean.

Female black widow are more dangerous than the male ones. These bite humans when their nests are poked or when they are angered.

What is like to be bitten by these?

You may not notice the bite at first and the signs might be small, red marks with some swelling. Within an hour, you’ll feel the pain spread to your back, belly, and chest. In serious cases, you may have trouble breathing, along with a fast heart rate, nausea, and vomiting.

Because this is a dangerous kind of pest, we advise to wear protective gear when accessing dark places where they could be hiding.

Brown Recluse Spider

In most cases, the brown recluse found in the area won’t be very large. Typically, it will be brown with a black line down the back. It’s web will be unlike most typical spider webs. They like to stay indoors, tucked away deep in the stuff in your basement or attic.

Unlike the black widow, this kind refrains from biting humans. They only bite when they are rolled on or intentionally disturbed.

Their bite can be felt and can continuously hurt up to 8 hours. The bite usually looks like a blister that may turn to blue or purple and get sore up to 10 days. Some people have fever, chills, rash, and upset stomach after bitten.

DIY vs. hiring a pest expert

DIY ideas are never rejected because we also want you to be creative and apply natural remedies to remove this type of pest. Many how-to methods are posted online and all you’ve got to do is to follow them.

But not all of them are effective. Because after all, we live in different types of homes and work in different establishments. Nothing is the same and it needs a specific and proper care.

That’s where we come in. As a pest expert in Encinitas, CA, we want the residents and business owners to be spider-free, be it venomous or not. Hiring a pest expert will lessen the chance of creating serious damage to the structural woods and buying miscellaneous products that will not be used.

Hiring a pest expert can help you value your money and will assure you that we will treat all of your pest problem, not just the spiders. After all, other pests are their source of food, so we have to get rid of them first.

It will be a long process but the time and money that you will invest on us will not go to waste as we deploy our highly-trained pest terminators to do the job.


No matter if you want to remove of poisonous or non-poisonous spiders, our Encinitas spider exterminators can assist you. We will remove your current spider problem and help to prevent possible future spiders from coming. Simply give us a call today!

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